5 Ways To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is A Micro-Cheater

It's deffo nearly as bad as the real thing.

micro cheating

We’re all well aware of the conventional cheater, y’know, the one who sleeps around with everyone behind his SO’s back. But what about the cheater who doesn’t physically cheat but has all the attributes of a class A player? Introducing, the micro-cheater.

A micro-cheater is the cheater who hasn’t physically gotten down and dirty with another girl but he’s one dirty text away from turning into a full-blown cheat. The micro-cheater believes himself to be totally faithful, because he hasn’t done the dirt – just yet – but this sneaky snake is not to be trusted. It’s only a matter of time before his emotional cheating turns physical. We say wave buh-bye to a micro-cheater before he takes the chance to turn macro-cheater.

Here are the five signs you’re dating a micro-cheater:

1. He’s still active on Tinder

So, he tells you it just never crossed his mind to delete it and when Tinder messages pop up on his phone he says, “Oh, don’t worry, they were messaging before I met you, I never write back anymore.” Don’t let him trick you. If he’s still got Tinder, chances are he’s active on it and doesn’t intend to stop chatting to girls anytime soon. And if he refuses to delete it for the sake of your relationship it’s time to say bu-bi and re-download your own Tinder account.

2. He’s got a back-up plan

If he jokes to you about a back-up marriage plan he has with his bezzie girl mate it’s time to show him the door. We all used to joke about that when we were younger but c’mon – if you’re in a mature committed relationship you’re the only one who he should be imagining in that long white dress.

3. Your friends tell you he’s over-flirty

Although we love a bit of harmless flirting from time to time ourselves, there’s a fine line between harmless and on-the-verge-of-shifting flirting. If your friends are regularly making comments about his behaviour on nights out towards them or other girls, it’s time to re-think your relationship. If he’s super flirty in front of your friends, imagine what he’s like when they – or you – are not around?

4. He’s constantly becoming friends with random girls on Facebook

If he acts shady when you question his new FB mates, chances are that’s because his behaviour with them is shady. There’s no reason for him to become pals with a load of random girls really, now is there?

5. His inbox is always empty

Is he constantly on his phone but when you have a sneaky check of his messages (and that should be telling you something all on its own) they’re always empty? There’s obviously something or someone he’s trying to hide from you.