6 Body Toning Moves You Can Do At Your Desk

Er, who says you can't get fit at the office? Try these moves during the day and you'll be gym-class ready in no time.

Chained to your desk all day? Luckily short bouts of strength exercises, and stretching in between conference calls and Gchats can help improve fitness #yay. Yeah, your co-workers might look at you working it out in your Mary Jane’s and think you’re hella cray-cray but you know who’s really winning at life. These deskercises can be done in the comfort of your office cubicle or home work space. Slot in a rep or two when nobody’s looking.

1. The chair dip


Targets: Arms and core.

This fat-busting arm and core manoeuvre can easily be done at your desk. It’s easy; just place your hands on the edge of you chair, then slowly lower yourself into position by bending your elbows. Feeling adventurous? Straighten your legs for added burn.


2. The desk pushup


Targets: Arms and shoulders.

Next time you rush to the printer only to find your document stalled in a queue, don’t dawdle. Bang out 10 desk pushups, or use the nearest counter or wall. Start in full plank position, with your arms just wider than shoulder width apart. Keeping the spine in a straight line, lower your chest to the counter, keeping your elbows close to your sides. The higher your incline, the easier these will be, and so very much cleaner and work appropriate than dropping all the way down to the floor!

3. The seated reverse crunch


Targets: Core and inner thighs.

This desk-friendly move is super easy! Slouching in front of your computer for hours on end doesn’t do anything for your core, so give this challenging move a try. If your chair is on wheels — bonus — it’ll be even harder to hold your body still. Scoot forward so that you’re closer to the edge of your seat. Pop your knees together and slowly pull them up off the ground as close to your chest as you can. Hold for a beat, then slowly lower down. Repeat.

4.  The seat squat


Targets: Legs and butt.

We <3  this move because you can keep typing away while doing it! With your feet together and your soles flat on the floor, press into your feet to lift your pelvis a few inches off your seat. Keep your body weight shifted back into your heels and your tailbone tucked in. Hold for a few seconds, and then sit back down. Repeat two to four more times. Go!

5. Seated chair twist


Targets: Low back, mid back and chest.

Sit tall on the edge of the chair, twist to the right, placing your left palm on the outside of your right knee and your right hand behind you on the left side of the chair to assist the stretch. We recommend sitting tall and twist like a corkscrew. You won’t look silly – we promise!

6. The bicep curl


Using a heavy stapler, three-hole punch or filled water bottle, work your biceps with this basic move. While seated (or standing, if you want), take the stapler in one hand and hold it with your palm facing upwards. Starting at your thighs, bend your elbow and curl your arm up towards the chest as if it was a dumbbell. Pause, then lower the stapler back down. Do 15 reps and then switch sides. Just be careful not to jam your fingers. Ouch!

By Jennifer Conway.