6 Pieces Of Cliché Dating Advice Every Single Girl Is Sick Of Hearing

“You'll find him when you stop looking.” *Rolls eyes*

Single Girl At A Wedding

“Oh, you’re single. What’s wrong with you?”

If we had a cent for every time we’ve heard those words, we’d be hotfooting it down to Micky D’s and ordering a share pack of McNuggets.

Somehow single has become a problem that coupled-up friends and relatives at weddings feel the need to fix, and the connotation is that if you aren’t linked to another then you’re obviously doing something wrong.

Cue the well-meaning but seriously questionable advice.

No doubt, if you’ve been flying solo for a while, then you’ve likely heard a few of these clangers.

1. You just need to put yourself out there more

Ah, how many times have you heard this one? The implication is that you’re simply not trying hard enough. Go on more dates, download POF, join a club, go out of your way to find somebody. When did dating become something we have to completely change ourselves for, huh?

2. You won’t meet him at a bar/ on Tinder

A fair argument from your concerned friend, until you point out that that’s exactly where she met her boyfriend, and suddenly her advice becomes null and void.

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3. You’ll find him when you stop looking

Oh, and I suppose this applies to my keys as well, does it? There’s a weird logic to this piece of dating counsel. You wouldn’t rest on your laurels if you were searching for a new job, so why do the same when it comes to a fella?

4. If you don’t love yourself first nobody else will

Sorry, our eyes just spontaneously rolled back in our heads. We get it: a solid relationship requires two grounded, self-assured people but just because we’re single doesn’t mean we’re all full of self loathing.

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5. Guys are intimidated by a woman with a career

Oh, guess we better quit our jobs and forget about that promotion then, yeah? Not so much an offering of advice but a criticism, this is one that smacks of sexism, and truth be told, we’re just not buying it.

6. You’re too smart/funny/talkative/independent

Oh yes, because you’re looking for a guy who dislikes some of your best attributes. Remember these words: there’s nothing you’re ‘too’ much of. ‘So’ qualities on the other hand, well you’ve got plenty of those. So awesome, so smart, so fun… yeah, you’re pretty great just as you are.


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