Life Hacks: 7 Ways To Take A Better Selfie – Guaranteed

Fashion photographer and regular STELLAR contributor, Lili Forberg, shares her tips for selfies worth uploading.

Lili Forberg regularly snaps for STELLAR: what this lady doesn’t know about light, well, it ain’t worth knowing. Take her tips and shoot your best ever shots.

1. Brighten

Brighten your picture after taking it using a good editing app like VSCO CAM. Pictures taken on a smartphone are naturally dull and dark, as are pictures on a proper camera, so brightening always make them pop.

2. Filter

Use a good filter. Forget about Instagram – again use VSCO CAM, but never at 100%.

3. Light it

For good selfie lighting, stand in front of a window. Your skin and complexion will look amazing.

4. Style it

And think about what’s behind you – a good backdrop can make all the difference between a good shot and an amazing one. It’s the little things that make all the difference.

5. Flash is a no

Wherever possible, don’t use flash. If you want to shoot your #ootd, go outside.

6. Focus

When you’re pointing at your subject, tap the screen on your subject’s face and the camera will focus and light meter accordingly.

7. Crop it

Avoid using the built-in zoom as it reduces the quality. You’re much better off simply cropping the picture afterwards, or just step closer to the subject.