8 Bullsh*t-Free Gifts We’d Actually Be Happy To Receive On Valentine’s Day

Just FYI.


No matter how much you think Irish couples have come on in the sophistication stakes, you’re bound to see at least five poor punters bearing giant pink teddies on their way home from work on February 14th.

A box of Milk Tray or a fluffy teddy is only an acceptable gift on Valentine’s Day when a) you’re a lovestruck teenager with only €10 pocket money to spend on a gift and b) nope, that’s it.

If you’re a grown-ass man or woman with disposable income and you want to give a gift, put some thought into it. It’s not hard to find a gift that’s both demonstrative of your love and also beautiful/useful/not a bouquet from the local Gala.

Here are a few gifts we’d be only delira to receive on V-Day, or at any time of the year, tbqh.

This Chupi initial necklace

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 14.41.42

Gold ‘L’ Necklace with birthstone, €99

Chupi Sweetman’s designs will always have a place on our gifting wishlists, especially her initial-and-gemstone necklaces, which can be personalised in a gazillion different ways. Choose based on birthstone and metal (gold, silver or rose gold), and add as few or as many initials as you wish.

This legitimately useful skincare set from Danish brand Badeanstalten

Skinfull Affairs Valentines 1

Loveday vegan beauty kit, €59, Skinfull Affairs

Yes, it’s love-themed, but this Loveday gift kit, available from new skincare mecca Skinfull Affairs on Exchequer St, is everything your bathroom shelf needs. There’s handmade soap, a dry skin salve, an algae face mask and all manner of other lovely (and loving) bits.

A yoga and lunch day

yoga lunch

Fumbally Yoga + Lunch Saturdays, €35

February’s a pretty grim month, and an SO who recognises your need for me time is a hero. The Fumbally Stables in Dublin 8 runs a three hour workshop featuring 90 minutes of yoga and a gorgeous plant-based lunch on the fourth Saturday of every month. Their next one is February 25th, FYI.

A slap-up meal and a bottle of bubbly

exchequer dinner

Valentine’s Menu, €70 for two, The Exchequer Wine Bar 

Yes, every restaurant in Dublin is running some sort of Valentine’s promo for February 14th, but not many of them will give you value for money. The Exchequer Wine Bar in Ranelagh, Dublin 6 has a pretty good deal though, with a three course menu for two and a bottle of Prosecco for €70 in total. At €35 a head including booze, and a menu full of treats like rack of lamb with potato rosti and 70% chocolate fondant with salted caramel, we reckon it’s worth your €€€.

A cookbook with meals we actually want to cook

korean kitchen

Our Korean Kitchen, Jordan Bourke & Rejina Pyo, €17

Yes it’s #cleaneating but it’s also hella delish: Jordan Bourke and Regina Pyo’s Our Korean Kitchen gets our V-Day vote. The former is an Irish chef with two other books to his name and a new one out next month, and the latter is a passionate Korean home chef. All the noms.

This ‘You’re my favourite nerd’ mug

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 15.31.49

Mug, €12.50, Moss Cottage

‘Cos when you meet someone who not only tolerates your love of musical theatre/Harry Potter/niche Japanese anime but embraces it, you know you’ve found a keeper.

These über-cosy Aran wool mittens


Handknit Aran Mittens, €28, Irish Design Shop

It’s effing freezing outside right now, so anything that keeps us warm is a winner.

This Instagram-friendly ‘&’ print


Marble Ampersand Print, €45, Industry & Co

Vaguely love-related, but also perfect for font fanatics, anyone with a love of marble surfaces, and homeware afficionados. Ticks all the boxes, really.


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