An Irish Digital Pharmacy Is Now Offering The Pill For Free

They're the first pharmacy in Ireland to set up a membership plan.

Woman taking the contraceptive pill

Let’s just get it out there, paying for contraception is not the best thing in the world. It’s just not an ideal situation, really. But now, Healthwave, Ireland’s leading digital pharmacy service, have launched a new initiative making the contraceptive pill free of charge to members. How amazing is that?

It comes after recommendations from healthcare providers to provide Irish women access to free contraception. Particularly as oral contraceptive pill is the most commonly used form of female contraception in Ireland, it’s a welcoming change indeed.

Healthwave will be offering the generic versions of six of the most commonly prescribed contraceptive pill medications, including Cerazette, Yasminelle, Yasmin, Ovranette, Cilest and Microlite. Usually costing between €5 to €8 a pack, the savings should mount up to €50 or upwards. This includes the annual membership to Healthwave, coming in at €25 a year.

On top of this, other methods of contraception will be considered for future schemes, meaning that access to free contraception could be sooner than we thought.


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