ATTN Single Girls: Tinder Just Did Everyone A Solid With Their Latest Update

It's gonna change the way you online date for sure.

Tinder App

Tinder. We’ll moan about it to friends then spend a half hour swiping through every potential bae within a 20 kilometer radius.

Love it or hate though, if you’re looking to increase your matches then you’ll likely need to spend a little bit of time crafting the perfect profile, and that starts with finding the best profile pic.

But, er, how the hell do you determine that? Do you go for the full body shot that shows off the Gigi Hadid-worthy abs you’ve been working on all summer? That snap of you and your gal pals having the LOLs in Coppers? Or that #MakeUpFreeSundays pic of you where you’re looking all natural and glowy?

Well, in their newest update, Tinder has done everyone a solid and launched Smart Photos; a new function that does the work for you by deciphering which of your pictures is the most popular.

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The new function, which will be rolling out on the app from today, will alternate which photo is seen in your profile first. Tinder then notes which one of your snaps gets you the most swipes right, and then Bob’s your uncle, they’ll make that your main profiler.

Tinder Smart Photos

It’s a continuous process too, meaning any time you upload a new snap Tinder will test its effectiveness. Smart, right?

The best news is that users saw a 12% increase in matches when Tinder tested out the function prior to it’s launch, so it’s likely you’ll have a whole load of new messages flooding your inbox pretty soon.

Best brush up on those flirting skills, gal.


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