Celebrity Gymspo: Kate Hudson’s Bohemian-Inspired Fitness

How does this glossy, golden gal approach her health 'n' wellbeing? With a dose of yoga and a dash of dancing.

How does this Hollywood A-lister get fit? We had to know, so we investigated Kate Hudson as part of April’s Celebrity Gymspo feature; you can find lots more on how celebs get fit in the April issue as well as here on stellar.ie.

Kate’s bucket-list ambitions include a triathlon, but for now she’s putting all her energy into Fabletics, the sportswear company she co-founded with fashion e-tailer JustFab. Thankfully she has a totes norm attitude to exercise, doing a little every day (even if it’s just a twirl!) and is obsessed with the MyFitnessPal app. Kate’s secret to health and happiness? A rose quartz crystal her mama, Goldie Hawn, gave her – it’s heart shaped and represents love. Mwah.