Check Yourself! LinkedIn Says THIS Is Most Over-Used Buzzword On Irish Profiles

Do you use it on yours?

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 16.58.21

“I’m a motivated, enthusiastic and passionate worker with a proven track record of success in this industry.”

If your LinkedIn profile or CV features a sentence like this, it’s probably getting flung in the “ignore” pile more often than you’d imagine.

Speaking at BLOGGERCONF last weekend, LinkedIn Marketing Manager Keith Browning revealed the ten most overused buzzwords on Irish profiles. Top of the list? ‘Motivated’, ‘enthusiastic’, ‘passionate’ and ‘track record’.


Other no-nos included “creative,” “responsible” and “ambitious.”

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Check the full list below:

“Our Friday night drinking game involves taking a shot every time we see one of those words on a profile,” Keith joked to the audience. At least, we think it was a joke…

While it’s probably okay to have one or even two of the above words on your profile, make sure their presence is justified and that you back them up with lots of real-world examples. That way you can be assured your profile is getting noticed for the right reasons i.e. during the recruitment process and not during a drinking game.