Commitment And Babies?! A Study Has Revealed The Surprising Things Men Are Actually Thinking On The First Date

The results probably aren't what you'd have expected.

Couple on a first date

There’s a myth that’s often perpetuated about men over and over again; that they don’t want commitment and any mention of marriage, babies or the future, is enough to send them running for the nearest Men’s club.

With that in mind, the results of a recent study may come as a surprise.

The research from Match found that far from the commitment-phobe stereotype, the majority of guys (66 percent, in fact) are actually weighing up having a a future with you on your very first meeting.

More specifically, 27 percent of the 5,500 single men who were studied, said they were considering if their date was someone they’d want to have kids with down the line.

Another interesting titbit from the study is the fact that 93 percent of online daters are more likely to want to get married, firmly quashing the idea that apps like Tinder are just for hooking up.

Hmmm. Maybe we’ve got this whole dating thing wrong all along.


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