Cringe! These Are Officially The Worst Things You Can Write On Tinder

Be aware: these 10 phrases are absolute no-nos.

Girl using tinder

Gone are the days when you met a perspective new SO in a bar. These days we meet via smartphone and arguably it’s made the whole dating thing a whole lot more tricky.

Now we’ve got a whole host of new dating conundrums, like, what the hell do you write in your Tinder bio and what’s the best way to open a convo without seeming like a total desperado?

Thankfully, if you’re a keen Tinderer, dating website have shed a little light on what not to do, namely the key words and phrases you should never include on your profile.

The site analysed some of the least popular profiles on Tinder to discover which 10 phrases were total turn-offs to a potential match.

Here’s what to to avoid if you wanna get more swipes right and less swipes left…

  1. Over the bar scene.
  2. Too busy to meet someone.
  3. I can’t believe I’m online dating.
  4. Looking for The One.
  5. Tired of games.
  6. Moonlit walks on the beach.
  7. I live life to the fullest.
  8. Want to be swept off my feet.
  9. I work hard and play hard.
  10. I want the total package.

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