Date With My Plate: STELLAR Chats To Top Model Madeline Mulqueen About What She Eats Every Day

Want to know what eats and treats Madeline Mulqueen gets through on the daily? We asked, she very kindly told, and now we're sharing the knowledge with you.


Welcome to Date With My Plate, STELLAR lovelies. In our new series of undercover food nosiness, we delve into the breakfast, lunch and dinner deets (and everything in between) of our fave ladies via their photo diaries. Find out what they really eat, and pick up some bite-sized tips along the way.

First up is runway and red carpet glamazon, Madeline Mulqueen – those cheekbones, the talent, the um, boyf… And, you know what? She’s also the loveliest person you could meet. Here’s what she’s having:

madeline mulqueen breakfast full irish fry up

“My friends are visiting from America and as we had a few drinks the night before, there was only one dish that could prepare us for the day ahead… the classic full Irish. It wouldn’t be an everyday choice but on this occasion it was a necessity, and most importantly the yanks are now black pudding addicts!”


“Before my workout, I needed a healthy boost so I grabbed a bowl of porridge. Oats with seeds and nuts are brilliant for a slow release of energy. I also make sure to take iron and omega 3 supplements daily.”

madeline mulqueen prawns potatoes lunch

“I threw together a super quick lunch of prawns and potatoes to refuel after a gruelling reformer pilates class. Protein is so important for repairing your muscles, especially after training, so I had a protein shake too.”

madeline mulqueen fruit infuser water bottle lemon lime

“This fruit infuser water bottle is fantastic for adding flavour to water which can often taste a bit bland. I find it difficult to drink water throughout the day so adding fresh lemon or lime is a great way to help me stay hydrated. It’s a brilliant detox too.”

madeline mulqueen lamb dinner

“I brought my friends to the local pub for dinner. Lamb is my favourite type of meat so I was happy out with this beautiful dish. We were lacking in vitamin G so Guinness all round was the order of the evening!”

madeline mulqueen key lime pie

“Back home, the food baby continued to grow with my homemade Key Lime Pie for dessert. It’s delish, if I do say so myself!”

madeline mulqueen nuts water snack

“We decided to watch Japanese film, Zatoichi (it was really good actually). No movie night is complete without the naughty nibbles, this time it was honey-roasted cashews – they weren’t all for me, I swear!