Deal Breaker! Doing Any Of These 5 Things On A First Date Will Mean You Probably Won’t Get A Second One

When it comes to first dates, these have been voted the worst faux pas.

Bad date

Few things in life are more nerve-wrecking and fear-inducing than the first date. Tonight is the night when you either hit it off or you don’t, and if said date falls flat then you and your new match are unlikely to go any further.

Yes, it’s all about chemistry but when it comes to that crucial first meeting there are a few things you can avoid to ensure that, if you and your date do hit it off, you’ll likely to be hitting each other up for date number two.

Taking pics of your dinner

You can’t put fork to food without first pulling out your iPhone, snapping a pic and uploading it to Instagram, but according to a survey by dating site Elite Singles, doing this on a date is considered even worse than dressing inappropriately. Hmm, maybe we’ll save this little habit for when we’re around our friends only.

Snapping a first date selfie

Hated by almost one in five singles according to the survey, this sinful habit was found to be even worse than being a bad kisser. We don’t know about you, but we’d take a fella who likes to snap the odd selfie, over one with a mouth like a washing machine any day.

Being too quiet

Good news for those with the gift of the gab, while being a great listener is a deadly trait to have, around 70% of singles said they’d much prefer to date someone who talks too much than someone who is too quiet. After all, nobody likes an awkward silence.

Wearing too much jewellery

You love to layer it on when it comes to accessories, but apparently wearing loadsa jewellery on a first date is worse than showing up in your gym gear. Our thoughts? If our date doesn’t like our penchant for chunky gold embellishments, then that’s their issue. We’ll wear whatever we damn well please.

Adding your date on Facebook straightaway

Chances are you’ve already Google searched your date, but getting too familiar online and shooting them a friend request straight off the bat is a big no-no. Over 20% of singles said they’d be put off by someone who was too keen to add them on social media, so we say hold off until at least date number three.


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