Dublin Rape Crisis Centre Launch A Webchat Function For Anyone Unable To Call Privately

It's a space to have a conversation discreetly

Hailed for the amazing support they supply to women and men up and down the county, The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre (DRCC) has launched a new webchat service, specifically for those who don’t have the option to take a phonecall discreetly.

The organisation has cited that last year’s statistics show that 20% of the centre’s clients reporting abuse as adults had suffered at the hands of intimate partners, ex-partners or people they were dating, this, of course, is a figure that is likely to rise this year, given the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in.

Lockdown restrictions and limited social interactions mean that many people suffering abuse no longer have a safe or private space to speak with the service if they so wish. For this reason, the centre has introduced webchat as a way to provide a secure space for anyone in need.

The webchat support service works just like other instant messaging and online chat systems, accessible by visiting the DRCC website, clicking on the chat widget on the bottom right corner of your screen and typing the name you wish to use. From there you will be directed to a member of staff to chat with. The DRCC advises that you ensure that you’re in a safe place to chat using  a phone, tablet, or computer with a secure internet connection.

Of course, the service is free, anonymous and entirely confidential, it’s open for use every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10am – 2pm. The centre has said that these days and times are subject to change, however, so keep an eye on the site for that.

If you have been affected by anything in this story you can contact: 

The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre – 1800 77 8888

Women’s Aid – 1800 341 900 

Aoibneas – 01867 0701



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