Everyone Got Super-Emotional Watching This Lad On Last Night’s First Dates

Ben, we love you.

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First Dates always throws up a major dose of cringe-tastic viewing, but one of last night’s couples had people talking for an altogether more lovely reason.

From the moment viewers met Ben and heard his story, they were gunning for things to work out well for him at the restaurant. The 32-year-old was hit by a car while driving a moped back in 2004, leaving him in a coma for over a month and with serious brain injuries.

‘It can be a game changer,’ he admitted to the camera before heading off on his date. ‘When I meet a woman it’s difficult for them to see past it.’

As is to be expected, people got more than a bit emosh watching Ben tell his story:

And everyone had their fingers crossed when he sat down with fashion designer Charlotte.

He told her his story within the first couple of minutes, so it really was make-or-break time:

If it didn’t work out though, Ben didn’t have to worry – basically every viewer fell head over heels for him:

Luckily though, things seemed to go well:

Very well, in fact…

Yay Ben!