Forget Clean Eating! Science Says It’s A High-Fat Diet You Should Be Following

It combines loads of our foodie faves and has benefits like a reduced appetite and weight loss.

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For many of us, a new year means ditching all our fave-o foods, clearing the junk from our cupboards and cleaning up our diets in a bid to shift those extra Christmas pounds.

But according to science there is a much more effective way to lose weight and it involves eating some very indulgent foods indeed; think high-fat noms like steak, cheese and chocolate.

Reckon it sounds too good to be true? Dr David Ludwig, a nutritionist at Harvard University and author of the book Always Hungry? cites a 2012 study which showed that people burned 325 fewer calories per day while following a low-fat diet than they did while on a high-fat diet, with the same calorie content.

After a few weeks, the body fights back, making us feel hungry, tired and deprived.

The science bit? The higher fat foods, yep like steak, cheese and choccie, keep us fuller for longer, meaning we’re less likely to dip into the cookie jar later in the day.

The lower-fat alternatives that we often reach for in the first weeks of a new diet however, will leave us feeling more hungry.

“After a few weeks, the body fights back, making us feel hungry, tired and deprived,” explains Dr Ludwig. “This erodes our motivation and willpower. We succumb to temptation and the weight races back often leaving us heavier than before.”

So what’s a gal to do? Personal trainer Amanda Moroney says it’s about using good fats to improve your saiety levels. “In the majority of traditional diets, it’s common practice to eliminate and reduce fat intake,” she explains. “This meant people were switching to low-fat versions of foods such as milk, yoghurt and cheese. However, fats need to be present in the diet to allow for your appetite to be surpressed.”

Amanda recommends reaching for good fats like salmon, nuts and seeds to keep full.

“Eliminating certain foods, such as sugar and sweets, for a period of time will help your body re-regulate appetite hormones,” Amanda explains. “It breaks this vicious cycle and by consuming in moderation after a short restriction, you can continue to have a treat without regressing on your weight loss journey.”


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