Graham Norton Has Opened Up About A Terrifying Knife Attack Which Left Him For Dead In The 1980s

“I lost a bit over half my blood. It was touch and go.”

Graham Norton has recalled a terrifying knife attack incident he encountered in the 1980s.

Graham told The Mirror that he had a knife pulled on him on not one but two occasions, with the first incident leaving him fighting for his life.

Graeme, who was in his 20s and attending drama school at the time said “I lost a bit over half my blood. It was touch and go.”

Speaking previously on the attack, he told of the seriousness of his injuries.

“It was a mugging, I didn’t even realise I’d been stabbed in that classic way, because your adrenaline is pumping. I looked down, and I saw all this blood.”

Continuing to open up about his thoughts on the topic of knife crime epidemic,

He said:

“I did have someone pull a knife on me again a few years after the first stabbing but people were around and it was fine,”

“Somebody wanted money and had a knife. And what’s so sad about the knife crime now is that everyone is a victim in the end.”

“In the moment it was, ‘I want that phone’ or ‘you’ve got the keys to the car I want to steal.’

“I think it’s a lack of imagination in the end, that if you had the empathy, that level of imagination to think it through, that the person you’re stabbing could be a brother friend sister, mother or father, you wouldn’t do it.”

“Somehow people have been dehumanised.”


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