Great Sexpectations: 4 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life This Weekend

Things gone a bit stagnant in the bedroom? Don't fret ladypal, these four things will add in some serious excitement this weekend...

Couple in bed

Schedule a sex date

Great sex doesn’t always have to be spontaneous, in fact, while schedules and agendas are typically very unsexy, carving out sex dates can actually be quite the opposite. Why? It’s all about the power of anticipation Send that cheeky sext and let him know what’s on the cards tonight. Letting the tension build through the day can make the difference between a boring sex sesh and one you’ll never forget.

Try something new

Bored of missionary, cowgirl and doggy? Variety is the spice of life and it’s important to keep things interesting. Whether it’s dressing up, indulging in a little anal play, or breaking out the Kama Sutra, doing something that’s a little outside of your ordinary routine, can make for a seriously steamy time between the sheets. Why does switching it up spell an orgasm? Sexy is a mindset, and it can be the excitement of doing something new, rather than the actual sensations of it, that are enough to, er, tip you over the edge.

Talk it up

Communication is key. In fact, studies show that talking about sex during sex can seriously boost your enjoyment. Don’t believe us? According to the Journal Of Social And Personal Relationships getting chatty while getting down to it is a major factor in improving both arousal and satisfaction. It’s up to you how explicit you want to be, but you should definitely have the following key phrases in your arsenal: ‘that feels good’, ‘keep going’, and the obvious one, ‘I’m coming’.

Dress to impress

Not feeling your best? It’s hard to enjoy sex when you’re not feeling so sexy. Sure, it’s rare that we walk around during the day wearing matching lace underwear, but putting in that extra bit of effort come bedtime can help you unleash your inner sexpot. Take a bath, moisturise and invest in lingerie that hugs you in all the right places. It won’t just excite your partner, it will make you feel good too, and when you feel good, it will only add to your confidence between the sheets.