Here’s How Eating Dessert For Breakfast Could Help You To Lose Weight (No, Seriously)

French toast with Nutella it is, so.


Next time you’re deliberating between an indulgent stack of Nutella pancakes with double cream versus a diet-friendly portion poached eggs and spinach for breakfast, you’ll be pleased to know that the former could actually be the better choice.

If your sweet cravings kick off the second you wake up, you’re in luck, because research has shown that eating dessert for breakfast might be the key to shedding that stubborn half-stone.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University studied the eating habits and weight loss patterns of 93 women over a 12-week period, to test out a theory they had about metabolic rates at different times of the day.

Participants were divided into two groups for the purposes of the study. Both groups ate the same foods each day – including desserts – with the only difference between each group being the times of day that they consumed the largest portion of their calories.

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Group one chowed down on a tasty 700-calorie breakfast, followed by a 500-calorie lunch and a light 200 calorie-dinner. In contrast, group two kept things clean with a 200-calorie breakfast, followed by a 500-calorie lunch and a dinner packing in 700 calories.

The results? At the end of the study, the women who ate the majority of their calorie allowance at breakfast time had lose a whopping ten lbs more on average. They also had a notable decrease in levels of the hormone ghrelin (which regulates feelings of hunger), and a drop in their insulin, triglycerides, and glucose levels.

So there you have it. If you’re out for brunch this weekend, go all-out with the menu… as long as you’re willing to keep it clean come dinner time.

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