How Many Minutes?! Sex Lasts This Long On Average Around The World

Unless you're from Turkey, apparently.

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Having sex armed with a stopwatch might not seem like the most romantic thing in the world, but that’s what 500 couples did, all in the name of science.

A stopwatch study from the University of Utrecht surveyed couples across five different countries – the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, and the United States – to find out exactly how long an average sesh between the sheets lasted in each case.

The magic number? In general, the deed takes 5.4 minutes. That’s based on data from all 500 couples, all of whom were aged over 18 and in long-term relationships.


But some couples reported getting down n’ dirty for far longer – or shorter – periods of time than that. According to the survey, the fastest time logged was just 33 seconds (yup, we’re not surprised), and the longest was a whopping 44 MINUTES. Seriously?!

The results varied by age, as you would expect. Men aged between 18 and 30 tended to last around 6 minutes before ejaculation, while men aged over 50 peaked at around 4.3 minutes.

Unfortunately for Turkish men, their stats were significantly lower than the rest, with an average romp lasting just 3.7 minutes.

The study was carried out back in 2005, but the results were re-published recently as part of a new study attempting to find a “formula” for ejaculation time among males. Now that’d be handy.