How Often Should You Really Wash Your Clothes?

It's laundry 101: How many wears before you gotta wash those clothes?

rail of clothes

It’s a bit of fashion conundrum; how many wears before you need to wash your clothes? On the one hand, you don’t wanna be a massive stinker by not doing your laundry regularly, but on the other, sometimes there are better things to do, like, um, Netflix marathons. Oh, and you hate it when your fave fashion items get ruined from over washing, too. So how often do you need to be washing your things? We found out.

Bras and undies

We’d hope it’d be fairly obvious that your smalls (yep, even those Agent Provocateur ones that cost a bomb) need to be either hand washed, or put on a delicate cycle after every wear, but what about your bras? They’re pretty high maintenance; you’ll need to hand wash and air dry them every two to three wears.


Washing denim is a toughie. Too many washes can cause it to fade and sag, but for most of us they’re a regular outfit staple. As a rule of thumb, you should aim to wash jeans every three to four wears, but if you’re dashing out the door with no time to stick them in the wash, spritz them with vodka as a last resort. It’ll mask any odour until you’re able to chuck ’em into the machine.

Jackets and Blazers

Hurrah! Your fave jackets and blazers are a resilient bunch and only need to be put in the wash after five to six wears. Make sure you hang them up between washes so they don’t lose their shape.

Gym gear

It’ll come as no surprise, that as far as clothes go, your gym gear is the stinkiest thanks to the accumulation of sweat when you’ve been pounding it out on the treadmill. For that reason, you’ve gotta chuck your workout threads into the washer after every single wear (sorry). Best to have a couple of different gym outfits on rotation so you don’t get caught out.


You’ll need to wash your favourite tops after two to three wears, providing you don’t spill tomato ketchup down them on your lunch break, that is.