How To Feel Slimmer By The Weekend Without Going On A Diet

Yes, it is possible. Here's how to nix the bloating without cutting cals...

Slimmer by the weekend

You’ve got that all-important event this weekend, or perhaps you’re just hitting the town with the gals. Whatever the occasion, you’re feeling a tad on the puffy side and you’d like to look a little more svelte in that stunzo shift dress.

That means you’ll need to start drastically cutting calories and guzzling five litres of water, yeah? Nope, it definitely doesn’t.


The first step to feeling firmer? Relax. No, really. “Stress, tiredness and feeling anxious can contribute to stomach problems as it can cause an abnormality in the digestive tract or excess acid to be made by the stomach,” explains GP Dr Pixie McKenna, so squeeze in a yoga session to help you calm down STAT.

Once you’ve found your zen, it’s time to look to your diet. First up, you’ll need to limit your intake of high-sodium processed foods for up 24 hours before that special occasion. In particular, be sure not to over-consume wind-inducing foods like potatoes, rice and yoghurt. Instead eat your fill of lean protein and green veggies, and sup on green and ginger teas to help you get rid of excess water.


A few smart supplements can help you feel svelte too. Grab an antacid  like Maalox Plus, €4.26, to nix trapped wind and indigestion, while taking a fibre supplement like Health Spark Konjac Fibre, €14.69, to gently help flush the digestive system and reduce bloating.

Define and contour

Still feeling on the puffy side? If you’re worried the bloat has reached your face, a few nifty contouring tricks can help to take the pounds off. Make-up artist Francesca Neill says, “Contouring is about light and shade. Defining the areas of the face that you want to recede and highlighting the areas that you want to bring forward and reflect light. You want it to look like natural shadows and highlights rather than obvious make-up trickery. The key to this is using the correct colour for your skin tone and blending the product correctly.”

To fake a thinner face, use bronzer down the sides of your nose, under your cheekbones, along your jawline and across the top of your forehead; the shadows will add definition. Next, sparingly apply an illuminator – too much will actually make your face appear larger- on the tops of your cheekbones.

Finish by dusting a little bronzer across your collarbone, along the tops of your shoulders and down the lengths of your arms, for a slimmer looking appearance.

Now, where’s that form-fitting dress of ours?