How To Satisfy Your PMS Cravings Without Ruining Your Diet

The cramps have kicked in and so have the cravings, but that doesn't mean your healthy eating efforts have to suffer. Nope, these yummy snacks will keep you on track.

Woman eating ice cream in bed

Here’s the deal; you’ve been eating clean, tracking your macros and getting in plenty of exercise all week, and then bam: it’s two days before your period and all you can think about is gorging on Tayto, chocolate, cheese and ice cream. #Damn.

Why the wild cravings? Those pesky hormones are to blame. Right before your period, your levels of the stress hormone cortisol begin to rise, while at the same time your levels of feel-good hormone Serontonin drop. What’s a gal to do in this state? Reach for fatty, sugary and salt-laden foods, that will give an instant serotonin boost, only to crash again shortly after.

But there is a solution. To combat it, you’ll need foods that have all of the taste, without the added fat and calories.

Here are four that fit the bill pefectly…

Chocolate and banana ice pops

Chocolate Banana pops

Chocolate and banana are a deadly combo. Why? Not only will chocolate give you a major mood-boost, bananas are also ace at relieving cramps. We call that a win-win. We copied Rosanna Davison’s recipe to make ours.

Our homemade tortizzas

Chicken and pepperoni tortizza

Have you heard about our new addiction? We’re mad for tortizza, and we reckon they’ll satisfy your PMS cravings perfectly. A healthier take on a standard pizza they cut out the calories of a doughy base, sugar-loaded tomato puree and fatty toppings, but are still loaded with tummy-loving yumminess.

Chocolate covered popcorn

Chocolate covered popcorn

Craving a mix of sweet and savoury? Easy, nab some lightly-salted popcorn, drizzle with dark chocolate and allow to set in the fridge. Next step? Indulge!

Peanut butter ‘nice’ cream

Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream

We followed Two Peas And Their Pod’s recipe to make this two-ingredient ‘nice’ cream. Keep a tub of it in the freezer when you know Aunty Flo is paying a visit. It’s got all of the taste of your regular, tub with less than half of the calories and saturated fat.