If You’ve Recently Split With Your Other Half This News Might Make You Feel Just A Little Bit Better

It's not all bad news for the newly broken hearted.

Bridget Jones

Breaking up is hard to do, and dealing with the aftermath of a split is arguably even harder, but there is some positive news for those who are dealing with the rawness of a recent split.

While it probably won’t mend your heart any quicker, it should offer that extra little bit of comfort when you need it most.

See, according to researchers, whether you’re the person who’s been dumped or the one who’s done the dumping, you’ll take the exact same amount of time to get over the split.

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That means, if you’re spoon deep into a tub of Ben N Jerry’s wailing away to Adele in the background, there’s a strong chance that your former other half is feeling just as devo as you are – yes, even if they were the one to break it off.

The even more comforting news is that scientists have placed a time scale on your heart ache, and found that after 11 weeks, 71% of the 1,404 newly-single respondents that they surveyed viewed their old relationship more positively.

Basically, it’s that old adage: time heals all.


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