Ireland Is Joining An International Call For A Four-Day Working Week

The change in policy could remove barriers to women achieving senior positions in business

Today, Ireland will join an international campaign for a four-day working week, and oh boy, do we approve.

To give some context, the campaign is made up of a coalition of trade unions, businesses and representative groups, who’s aim it is to promote the benefits of a shorter working week.

The group will meet later on today at the Royal Irish Academy in Dawson Street, where various speakers will have their voices heard on the topic.

The launch follows the British Labour Party’s recent commitment to campaign to reduce the working week to four days.

Women’s Council Of Ireland is among those campaigning for the change in working week, stating that a four day week would benefit women in the workplace.

Speaking on the campaign, They said:

“This, in turn, can remove barriers to women achieving senior positions in work, and allow women to take on more training opportunities.”

Alongside this sentiment, a four day week also means that childcare costs would be reduced, generally benefitting everyone all round.

A number of businesses across the globe have implemented the policy earlier this year, where employees work 4 days a week but are paid for 5. All other employment conditions are unchanged, with the output at the end of the week the same as it would be in a five-day-week.

How would you feel if this policy was implemented?


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