Ireland Will Ban A Range Of Single-Use Plastics In A ‘Radical’ Strategy To Reduce Waste

Plastic cups, straws, and cutlery are among the items to be banned.

Plastic cutlery, straws, cotton bud sticks, food containers, and other single-use plastics are set to be banned in Ireland in an attempt to both reduce waste and manage resources with better efficiency.

Many positive changes in making Ireland a greener place are led by Climate Action Minister Richard Bruton, with his aim being to reduce the number of day-to-day plastics used in the country.

The news comes as yesterday, Minister Bruton met with over 100 representatives of the waste and packaging industry, local authorities and consumer and environmental groups to discuss the future of Ireland’s waste and implement changes to the way in which we treat waste.

“Managing our resources properly is crucial to secure a better, more sustainable Ireland for future generations.” Mr. Bruton said.

While we have all been far more environmentally conscious in recent years, what do the governments implemented changes actually mean for the average person?

Using single-use plastics, excessive food waste, and illegal dumping is likely to cost you. The has reported that levies will be placed on all non-recyclable single-use plastics, with a possible ban also to follow should these charges not work. While those responsible for or involved in illegal dumping could face a minimum fine of €5000 euro and 12 months imprisonment.

These changes should come as no surprise, considering the stats Ireland has on waste. On average, we have more than 200kg of packaging waste per year, 59kg of which is plastic. Making it the highest in Europe and almost twice the European average.

The overall aim of the changes set to be implemented is to ensure that by 2030 all plastic packaging is reusable or recyclable, food waste is cut in half, and landfilling of household waste is just 10%.

Hurrah we say!


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