Is This Why You Skip The Gym?

New research has revealed the reason women are most likely to forgo a sweat sesh, and it's actually kinda sad.

girl in fitness gear

When it comes to skipping the gym we can think of a stack of excuses to forgo getting sweaty. Um, it’s hard work, we’re tired, we’d rather lie on the couch and eat choccie, to name a few, but new research has revealed one of the main reasons women are most likely to skip exercising, and it’s got nothin’ to do with being lazy.

The real reason? It’s cos we’re worried about being judged. Yep, according to research commissioned by the Commons Health Select Committee in the UK, it’s the fear of being ridiculed for being sweaty and out of breath that most puts us off getting our sweat on. The report says that women are worried about being ridiculed both for their appearance while working out and their fitness ability, with many opting to exercise at home to avoid looking ‘bad’ at the gym.

Sure, we know it’s a shock when you look up from the treadmill to catch a glimpse of your sweaty, red face in the mirror, but hey, we all have to start somewhere. Besides, we reckon everyone’s too busy worrying about their own workouts to even notice if you’ve gone an abnormal shade of beetroot. We say, just werk it, gurl. Still worried about your appearance? Check out page 122 of the current issue for a guide to looking good at the gym.