“It’s Pure Poison”: This Irish Influencer Is Giving Up Sugar For A Week And Here’s Why

She opened up about her health.

You may know Maeve Madden as the hilarious Northern Irish gal who does Riverdance on Snapchat, but she’s also a personal trainer with a huge passion for health.

She’s always been open about her struggle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome as well as acne, and now she’s speaking out about the damage sugar is causing to our bodies.

Taking to Instagram, she began by saying, “Good Morning, lets show Monday who is boss ⭐️  ?? . So sugar is kinda wrecking havoc on our bodies… Surprise (not really). We all know sugar is bad for us and it is hidden in so many different ways now. We may love it but it does NOT love us back ?.

“Ever wonder why real food is expensive and fake food is so cheap?” she asked her 131,000 followers, “Sugar causes major hormonal imbalances, bad skin, fatigue and it’s basically a party for your IBS, SIBO or any other kind of gut issue by causing imbalanced gut flora.

“My new goal for the week is to STOP EATING SUGAR ? . It’s a bit of an experiment but also sugar is just pure poison and so toxic for us… Luckily I have three friends joining me on this journey… I hope you will too ⭐️⭐️ .”

Will you join Maeve on her no-sugar journey?

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