Jacqueline Jossa Defending Herself For ‘Leaving’ Her Children To Go Into The Jungle Proves That Mom-Shaming Is Alive And Kicking

“You won’t understand my reasons, but I want to create a better life for them”

Well, it’s week 1 of the new decade, and we can confirm that mom-shaming has unfortunately not been left behind in the ‘10s.

Jacqueline Jossa has shared a heartfelt post about parenting, explaining her reasons for leaving her two children to enter the jungle last month.

Jacqueline, who is a mother to two girls Ella (4) and Mia (1), took to Instagram to defend her choice to enter the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Jungle, which meant she was away from her children for a total of three weeks.

In her post she wrote:

“Leaving my babies to go into the jungle was the HARDEST thing I have ever had to do, and every single day I thought about them, some may criticise me for leaving them, that’s okay,”

You won’t understand my reasons, but I want to create a better life for them I want to be able to be at home and work, have date nights and family nights.”

Continuing on she said:

“I wanted to be able to be at home more, earn money to put into my business and hopefully open doors to new adventures, which I have done, so my risk of leaping into jungle life was the right decision for me.”

While Jacqueline made some valid points about parenting in her post, putting an end to the wagging tongues of her haters, it is the sheer fact that Jacqueline felt such a need to do so which highlights a very clear, and frankly sad, flaw within society.

Jacqueline was joined by other parents in the Jungle, with Andy Whyment a father-of-two, and Andrew Maxwell a dad to three young children also. But, it seems that Jacqueline’s fellow jungle-parents managed to come out of the experience parentally unscathed.

After closer inspection, we’re putting this dodging of a judgemental bullet down to the fact that they’re fathers and not mothers, because with motherhood comes the unspoken obligation to devote every second and ounce of your being to your offspring.

Any kind of rebellion against this obligation often lands mothers in hot waters, being judged by those around them for not being a ‘good enough’ parent to their children.

Jacqueline isn’t the first celebrity mother to receive the backlash of mom-shaming, as Shay Mitchell posted about her experience with it last year, and unfortunately, we reckon that she won’t be the last either.

Well, there’s always next decade to give it the boot?? *eye roll emoji*.