Just Returned From Electric Picnic? Here’s What You Can Do To Revive Both Your Body And Soul

For those of you who are feeling a little fragile today

Festivals can be hard work, but the days afterwards can be even harder. You’re sleep deprived, your hair feel like straw, and you’re finding glitter in crevices you didn’t even know you had.

If that sounds anything like you today, then you had best read on, because we have got that post EP recovery regime for you. You will be feeling back to yourself in no time (well, kind of).

Shower the sins away

Step one of recovering from a festival: shower. For the vast majority of people at Electric Picnic, showering was not on the radar this weekend. So, now that you have returned home, jump right into that shower. Whip out the razor and exfoliating gloves, you will need all of the products available to lift that layer of mud, glitter and fake tan from your skin. While in the shower you can also reflect on the drunkenness of the weekend. Both your body and mind will come out refreshed afterwards.

Mask it up

Now that you are all showered and refreshed, it is time to tackle that skin. A whole weekend of drinking beer and rubbing your face clean with baby wipes has more than likely reaked havoc with your skin. If your face is looking a little spotty, apply a clay face mask to draw out any impurities that may be lurking under the skin. If it is a little dry, slip on a sheet mask and bring some moisture back into your complexion. It may seem like a world of effort right now but your skin will thank you for it.


If there is anything coping with hangovers has taught us over the years it’s that hydration is key. Drink as much water as possible in the next 12 hours to rid your body of all those toxins you have pumped yourself with over the past three days. Sure while you’re at it a smoothie or two wouldn’t go amiss either, because let’s be honest, the healthiest thing you’ve eaten all weekend are the onions on your cheeseburger. Drink some water, eat some fruit, you got this girl.

Apply fluffy socks IMMEDIATELY

It is scientifically proven that a pair of Penneys fluffy socks can cure ANYTHING. Alright, that was a lie, maybe science is not on our side with this one. But a pair of fluffy socks will make you feel like the cosiest person on the planet. Which is well needed after a weekend of sleeping in a damp bag, grim.


The only thing that will fully heal your soul and have you back in working order for the rest of the week is a good night’s sleep. Over the entire course of the weekend you would have accumulated about 10 hours of sleep, so you have a lot of catching up to do. Put your fluffy socks on, jump into bed and catch some zzz’s. Simples.


You will be right as rain in no time!




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