Are Dating Apps To Blame For The Death Of Romance?

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In a time where dating apps are taking the modern world by storm, people are hungry for options.

The online-dating bubble is so tight-knit that most don’t connect in person anymore. With online experiences literally at your fingertips, people have become greedy and picky, because the next swipe just might be perfect. People are constantly looking for better, for more. And if you are lucky enough to get a date from an app, insecurity rears its ugly head and there lies the fear of not being good enough.

And so, the cycle continues.

Nowadays, people are refusing commitment making the dating pool limited, so when someone comes around that refuses to deactivate their Tinder account or doesn’t bring you out for date night or compliment your new dress, you say nothing because you have finally found someone to date and that should be enough, right?

Humans are conditioned to feel flattered by a Snapchat, a text before midnight or a fire emoji reaction to an Insta story. But, in reality, by doing that we are letting romance die. The worry of becoming clingy and naggy is so overwhelming that people stay quiet instead of plucking up the courage to tell them how you really feel.

Plenty of singletons out there slag Valentine’s day and reject romance out of fear of never getting love like in the movies. Home cooking and conversing at the dinner table has been replaced by spice bags, Netflix and ultimately, a lack of communication. Reverting back to dating apps and social media, there has been a massive breakdown in communication and people have become lazy when it comes to clear, respectful and meaningful conversations.

But I suppose that’s what happens when you’re judging solely based on Tinder photos and captions; organic romance is taken out of the equation.

Lastly, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there’s no romance out there. It is what you make it. But adding a dollop of dating apps, a sprinkle of insecurity, a dash of stress and a pinch of pickiness, romance starts to crumble.

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