WATCH: Short Film Highlights How Online Dating Has Changed Since Lockdown

Get close, from afar

To a degree, online dating has remained the same despite the ongoing pandemic. The ability to meet someone new, to swipe right on their profile and to strike up a virtual conversation hasn’t changed.

Our access to new people and new potential lovers is still very possible, but what has changed is the course of action that follows on from that initial engagement and spark.

No longer can we text for a while before suggesting a date, no longer can we touch and kiss, or begin a relationship by exploring another person via sexual contact; or contact of any kind, really.

Now we need to keep that initial spark alive by developing it from behind our screens and from a distance.

Showing how you can take the next step during online dating and still ignite those moments of joy, Bumble, the women-first social networking app created a short film with some couples who are dating IRL  to show how our dating techniques have changed so that we can still feel close, even when physically afar.

The 60-second film features relatable romantic scenes of the couples connecting in real life, amid isolation – touching, hugging, kissing and sharing moments of joy together – however, bringing reality to the current situation, a voice over can be heard “no pulling them close”, “no kissing”, “no holding hands” and “absolutely no touching”. 

The film then transitions into an uplifting yet emotional set of scenes showing how flirting can be just as exciting over the phone, and that dates from a distance can be filled with just as much fun as the ones in real life. Using messaging and video calls, the couples are waking up to notes and spending a romantic evenings together all thanks to technology. 

Speaking about the film, Naomi Walkland, Bumble’s Associate Director for EMEA Marketing said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has led to vast societal shifts in how we communicate. When physical connection is limited, people will seek deeper connections and a sense of stability”. 

Continuing, she added:  “Bumble’s video calling can help people make new connections during this period and allow our users more time to get to know each other”. 

Well, that’s true, there’s no better time than to present those dating skills and put ourselves out there (digitally!)


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