Would You Stop Sex To Check Social Media? Apparently 1 In 4 Of You Do

You hear a beep in the throes of passion. What do you do?

Couple having sex on the floor

These days, it seems like almost anything goes when it comes to between-the-sheets antics – and we’re certainly getting more adventurous.

In our most recent sex survey, 36% of you said you’d opted for anal and given backdoor action a go last year. 68% percent ‘fessed they’d had a one night stand, and as for threesomes? Well, 13% of you say you’ve had one.

High fives all round then, but one trend we hadn’t anticipated is the way social media is creeping into our sex lives.

A recent poll by 02 discovered that 25 per cent of us had stopped sex to check Facebook, Insta, Twitter or Snapchat or to reply to a text.

And while cutting short sexy time to flick through your feeds may sound like cray cray behaviour, one STELLAR staffer, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells us that she’s often tempted to check her phone while doing the deed.

“Like, if my phone buzzes it irks me. Like, who is it? Is it urgent? I need to check it but I can’t stop because it’s rude, but also I NEED to know,” she laughs.

What do you reckon? A total sexy time no-go or a-okay bedroom behaviour?


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