Would You Wear A Face Mask While Having Sex If It Was Advised?

Researchers in the US are advising those doing the deed to mask up.


Now, correct me if I’m wrong but wearing a face mask during sex not only sounds like a hot and sticky mess, but the most un-intimate situation ever.

Yet, for those wanting to get down and dirty in the US it’s just what researchers are advising in order to combat the risk of spreading the virus.

A new study carried out by Harvard University has given detailed guidance on how to prevent exposure to the virus during sexual activity and you guessed it, getting down and frisky is the most risqué.

According to research, they’ve categorised sexual activity on a scale, starting with the least risk to the highest risk. Obviously, abstinence and masturbating are on the lower end of the scale. Following that, sexting and video sex – which it did note comes with it’s own risks to privacy and sexual extortion. Then, on the higher end of the risk scale comes sex with someone in the same household as you who has been exposed while outside the household and lastly, with danger alarm bells ringing comes sex with someone you’re not living with.

And although in Ireland it’s not advised to be having sex with anyone outside of your house, with government guidelines and lockdown rules urging people to remain socially distant with no more than four friends in an outdoor place, the US has different protocol in place.

Asking people to mask up before they have sex in the US, the research from Harvard notes that people should “avoid kissing” while getting down and duurty, avoid “sexual behaviours” that involve semen or urine, wear a mask, shower before and after and lastly, clean the space with alcohol wipes.

Yep, although it sounds like a bit of a lab experiment, this is what experts are suggesting so there ya have it.


The question is, when people are allowed to socialise inside their gaffs with people from other households again, how would you feel if our government advised the same precautions in relation to sex? Would you mask up or would it put you off having sex?

It’s safe to say old dating habits and the days of people grinding on each other in Coppers won’t be returning for a long time, but in a slow move back to some form of normality, could Ireland be set to take a similar approach to sex?