Many Irish Couples Will Not See Each Other For One Third Of 2020

Love in lockdown; Irish people could face up to four months apart from their loved ones.

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As we enter the first phase of easing lockdown today, there’s hope for many as we finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. But while it’s good news to see some change, the exit phases are slow and couples in long distant relationships are feeling the pinch as they could be waiting another two months before they see their loved ones.

Speaking to SPIN1038 over the weekend, Simon Harris answered some pressing questions from the public, mainly around when they could travel to see a boyfriend or a girlfriend, with Simon noting that there’s no exceptions for couples and that the phases are put in place to keep everybody safe.

Couples who live more than 20km apart could be spending over one third of the year apart before restrictions are lifted. With the lockdown commencing on March 27, it’s a long wait to be reunited and many are beginning to feel the heartbreak.

“It’s really really been tough for people, and unfortunately, there isn’t one answer,” explained Simon.


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Trying to shed some light, Simon added that couples within a 20K radius will see each other from June 29th, however, there’s no clear date for those further apart, with Simon explaining that July will hopefully bring a greater travel distance.

“From June 29, that extends to 20km, and then in July we expect it to extend further, so really, the answer is it depends on how close you live to the person you’re in a relationship with,” he continued.

Ending things on a positive note, Simon added that its all about what we do now that will predict the future. Continuing to follow social distancing guidelines, keeping up good hygiene, staying within your 5km radius and making as little trips outdoors as possible.

“If we get this right, in August, things like nightclubs and the likes start opening again too. But none of this is guaranteed. If we get the next two weeks wrong… it will have devastating consequences for everyone,” he concluded.

So, unfortunately there’s no good news for those living apart and although the wait is difficult, hopefully with every update will come great progression and we’ll all be reunited sooner rather than later.

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