Meet The Meal Queens Of Insta, The Girls Who Prep A Week’s Worth Of Healthy Food

Prepare to be jealous: these healthy girls are total #OrganisationGoals.

Sundays are a lazy day for us when the most exercise we get is running to the door to collect our Dominos order but for some super organised girls, Sunday is the most productive day of the week and sees them meal prep a whole seven days’ worth of food.

It’s a trend that’s currently flooding our social media feeds. In fact, a quick search of the hashtags #mealprep and #mealprepdaily will return tens of thousands of results – and the pics are super impressive with health and fitness fanatics preparing enough breakfasts, lunches, dinners and even snacks to see them through the whole week.

When you are prepared, you are a lot less likely to go for unhealthy options for meals or snacks

It comes with some major benefits too. “When you are prepared, you are a lot less likely to go for unhealthy options for meals or snacks,” says personal trainer and fitness Instagrammer Siobhan O’Hagan. “It means you can control what food you are having in advance. Plus it’s actually much cheaper, especially when you eat a lot – like me!”

Joe Wicks, the man behind the #LeanIn15 plan, a health and fitness program that’s currently going global, is also an advocate for meal prepping. “Preparation is everything when it comes to getting lean,” he writes on his blog. “Good organisation in the kitchen is key to burning fat and getting the body you want.”

But the trend isn’t just for those looking to lose weight, it attracts women from all walks of life, whether it be an athlete wanting to fuel her body more effectively, a busy career woman who’s sick of grabbing lunch on the go, a bodybuilder training for her next comp or just someone trying to take better care of herself. For most, meal prepping their food helps them take control of the choices they make throughout the week and leaves less room for error when it comes to eating healthy.

Wanna get meal prepping yourself? You’ll need to box out a couple of hours of your free time, make a food plan for the week and stock up on tupperware and food supplies – don’t forget to check out our guide on meal prepping like a pro too.

Sure, it might seem like a lot of effort when you’re lounging on the couch on a Sunday, but if meal prepping frees up your time during the week, enables you to make healthier food choices and means no more eating boring ham sambos at your desk, then it could well be worth it.


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