#MyBlogLife: James Patrice Talks Snapchat, Selfies And His Alter Ego/Main Mot Fidelma

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Name: James Patrick Butler

Age: 27

From: Malahide, Co. Dublin

Blog: Jus De James

Instagram: @james_patrice

Snapchat: @jamespatrice

Twitter: @jamespatrice

If the names Fidelma, Fron and Dympna have you breaking out in a grin, then you’re no doubt already a fan of James Patrick Butler, a.k.a. James Patrice. The Dubliner started off as a fashion ed and blogger, but over the last year he’s made a name for himself as a Snapchat star, too. With his snaps getting upwards of 30,000 views a day, it sounds like James (and Fron) are well on the way to becoming household names…

You’ve been blogging over at Jus De James for three years. Tell us a bit about how you got started…

I can’t believe it’s been that long, jaysus! It all originated from me simply posting daily looks on Instagram. My friends all said that I should write a few words to accompany my outfits, and I thought ‘Sure g’wan, why not.’ I also thought it could be a nice string to have to my bow when doing TV work, so it all just kind of blended well.

Did you ever expect social media to be such a hit for you?

I honestly didn’t, I have to say. I’ve always had Snapchat – for sending rotten selfies to the gals – but last September it all seemed to kind of explode in Ireland. I’m on 30,000 views on my snaps now, which is a bit gas, but I really do love the app. And of course, people seem to have really grown quite fond of Fron, me hun!

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What’s your favourite way of reaching your followers – Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter?

Definitely Snapchat. It’s like an instant means of communication. I leave my snaps open, so guys and gals can message me whenever they want. Usually we just end up chatting about fashion or skincare, or Eastenders! I kind of share everything and anything, and the same with Instagram – it’s good to mix it up!

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Did you always know you wanted to get into fashion?

I studied Drama and French in Trinity, so theatre and languages were definitely a strong part of my life. But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned to live by, it’s that you can’t prevent what you can’t predict (a VERY profound Desperate Housewives quote there!) and fashion seems to have naturally worked its way into my life. I still act and can throw out an aul ‘oui oui’ when needs be of course!

Did you find it tough making a name for yourself as a male style blogger?

It can be difficult to push men’s fashion to the forefront as much as women’s fashion, but I think there’s been a significant shift in the emphasis on menswear in Ireland of late. Male fashion bloggers are on the up in Ireland and there’s a real consciousness of that in the industry, which is fabulous to see!

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Three shops you love in Dublin?

River Island, Penneys, H&M – am I only allowed three?! Of course, high-street havens aside, there are so many amazing stores around the city. Nowhere Man is a designer dream, and shops like Om Diva are such treasure troves for magpies like myself. Also, Oxfam and St Vincent de Paul have amazing pieces. I volunteered in Oxfam Malahide for years so have become prone to a bargain or two.

What are your go-to spots for dinner and drinks in Dublin?

I love Balfes in The Westbury for dinner. It’s so relaxed and always has the nicest coffee. Also, Musashi is a recent discovery and I can’t wait to go back for more sushi. Brasserie Sixty Six I adore, or Siam Thai in Malahide – I’m sweatin’ for a curry just thinking of it!

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What’s one key piece in your wardrobe for summer ’16?

I’ve always said it, but you can’t beat a delicious blazer. It instantly dresses up a Breton stripe tee, and is the perfect piece to pair with jeans for an event. Speaking of jeans, I’m partial to a pair of white slim fit denims during summer – The Hamptons wouldn’t have a patch on me Dympna!

What’s a day in your life like at the moment?

It can be fairly manic, to say the least, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Usually I’ll start with a session with my personal trainer at NU Fitness in Malahide….my torture chamber. Then I’ll head home like a tomato and go through emails. Then it could be anything from filming for online content or a TV piece, to styling, to social media work for brands. This weekend (Saturday May 21st) I’m MCing BLOGGERCONF at The Marker Hotel. And of course, I’ll finish the day with a cheeky Eastenders – Linda Carter is my spirit animal.

The second BLOGGERCONF takes place this Saturday May 21st at Dublin’s Marker Hotel, and STELLAR are on board as sponsors! James will be in action on the day along with heaps of other industry mavens including STELLAR Ed Kirstie McDermott. More info can be found here.