#MyBlogLife: Meet Selfie Addict Jessika Banaghan Of Chaos Wearing Lipgloss

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Name: Jessika Banaghan

Age: 23

Blog: Chaos Wearing Lipgloss

Instagram: @jess_selfiegirl

Snapchat: @jess_selfiegirl

Jessika Banaghan claims to take “more selfies than Kim Kardashian,” and looking through her Instagram feed, we’re inclined to agree.

Originally from Tipperary, Dublin-based Jessika has been blogging about all things fashion, lifestyle and beauty for three years. She’s also a big advocate of positive mental health and writes on the subject regularly via her blog’s Happiness Series.

We caught up with Jessika to find out what a day in her shoes is like – and of course, to get a few tips on taking the ultimate selfie.

You’ve been on the blogging trail since 2013. Tell us a bit about how you got started?

I came across Zoella‘s blog back in 2013 and thought, ‘I could do something like that!’ I started my blog to talk about anything that caught my eye really – different things I liked and what I was getting up to.

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You’ve had some brilliant opportunities come your way through your blog. Any highlights?

There have been so many, especially in the last year. One of them was getting to feature on Xposé‘s fashion panel to help judge three outfits put together by a stylist. The whole experience of being in front of the camera made me realise just how much I love video-related projects and being on TV.

You’re a big fan of selfies. Any tips for taking the perfect one?

Of course!

#1: Try to find the best lighting you can. I try to take most of mine during the day when it’s bright out, to make the most of all that natural light.

#2 I try not to over-use editing apps or Instagram filters, but I’ll always fiddle around with the brightness, structure and warmth on a photo when I’m uploading it.

#3 Have fun! You’ll rarely see me take a serious selfie, I’m either always smiling or making a funny face, because that’s just me. Just try to be natural in front of the camera and you’ll get great results.

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What’s one piece you’re loving in your wardrobe at the moment?

My style does vary a lot depending on my mood. But one item I just love is the H&M bodycon denim dress that I bought a few months back.

It was a total steal at €19.99 and it’s been one of those items I’ve just styled in so many ways.

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Gorgeous! Which three celebrities do you take your style inspiration from most often?

Oh, that’s a tough one. I would say Kylie Jenner, Ruby Rose and Sarah Ashcroft.

You speak a lot about positive mental health on your blog and social media platforms. What’s your favourite way to relax when you need to?

Yes, I’m all about creating a positive energy when it comes to my life. This was a life change I made several months ago as I used to be quite pessimistic. My favourite thing to relax is definitely having a cup of tea (Lyons Tea, always) and settling down in front of the TV or a good movie.

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What’s a day in your life like at the moment?

I’m currently in my final year of Event Management in DIT so most days are spent getting ready for my final exams. I handed in my dissertation last month so that was a huge relief. Other days, I’m usually with my friends or family or out shopping (when I shouldn’t be)!

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