Need A Good Stretch? Why We Love Yoga With Adriene, The YouTuber Getting Everyone On The Mat

What better day to start than International Yoga Day?

Today is International Yoga Day and what better way to celebrate than folding our legs into a pretzel in some Yoga With Adriene? We’ve fallen head over heels (or should we say we’ve dropped into a downward dog?) for Adriene Mishler, the cheerful Texan behind the YouTube channel responsible for getting many of us off the couch and onto the mat.

With her self-deprecating humour and easy-to-follow poses, Adriene has stretched her way into our hearts and homes. Even if you’re not a bonafide yogi, it’s hard not to love Adriene’s videos. Her teaching style is authentic and down-to-earth – she speaks to her views like a friend and can often be found giggling at her own hippy-dippy comments. Plus, she has an adorable pup named Benji who often manages to sneak his way onscreen.

And we’re not alone in our Adriene obsession; Yoga with Adriene was the most Googled workout of 2015 and the channel currently has more than 3.6 million subscribers. While her YouTube channel is free to access, we bet Adriene’s making a killin’ through her subscription video service, Adidas sponsorship, events, merchandise, and book deal. You go girl!

Another huge part of Adriene’s appeal is her extensive collection of tailored vids – her catalogue really does have something for everyone. Sure there’s the expected uploads – ‘Yoga For Beginners’ and ‘Morning Yoga’ are standard faves – but did you know Adriene has devised routines specially for surfers, musicians, dull moments and disasters? And we can’t forget to mention ‘Yoga For Zombies’, a Halloween special the entrepreneur describes as perfect for when you find yourself “scrolling on your phone, reliving the past, tired and dead like”. Sounds a bit like a Monday morning to us, to be honest.

While yoga classes can require multiple Luas trips and a hefty chunk of your pay packet, Adriene’s videos have made the practice, which has its roots in India, a helluva lot more accessible. And thank tree poses she has because yoga boasts a whole buffet of benefits. It’s been known to improve mood and concentration, strengthen muscles, balance and flexibility, and even relieve pain caused by chronic conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

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