PDAs: Here’s Why Some Couples Post Those Nauseating Facebook Status Updates

It's scientific, don'cha know.

Couple in love

You’ve likely seen them on your feed; those couples who post statuses like ‘Love you so much babe’ and ‘You are my world’, and share pics of themselves kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower, while you’re there wishing that they’d save it all for private message.

But if you’ve ever scorned these types of couples and figured that their motivation for posting such lovey dovey stuff online was simply to brag about their relationship, well then it seems you may be wrong, because according to a new video by Science Of Us, it’s likely because of a self esteem issue.

According to the vid, peeps who post these kinds of statuses have trouble communicating in person and instead feel more comfortable expressing their feelings from a distance, or for example, online.

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Scientists have even given the phenomenon a fancy name: Relationship Contingent Self Esteem and explained that peeps who experience it are more likely to be gushy about their partner on social media than IRL.

The narrator adds that, far from overcompensating their relationship, many of the couples really are just as happy as they make themselves out to be.

Hmm. Overcompensating or not, we’re still be clicking that block button.


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