QUIZ: Are You An Ambivert? Take Our Quiz To Discover Your Personality Type

Outgoing one minute and super shy the next? You could be an extrovert/introvert hybrid.

Confident Woman

Are you uber confident, super shy, or maybe a mix of both? Take our quiz and add up your points to find out…

You’ve gotten a new job and don’t know anybody yet. You…

– Introduce yourself to everyone in the office and mingle with them further in the canteen at lunch. (3)

– Chat briefly with the few people around you, you can get to know them better over the coming days and weeks. (2)

– Keep to yourself and focus on getting settled into your new role. (1)

While on holiday, you’ll most likely be…

– Found chatting to other holidaymakers and locals. (3)

– Relaxing by the pool with a book. (1)

– Doing a mix of the two. Variety is the spice of life. (2)

On a night out with friends, you typically…

– Go with the flow. You’re happy to tag along with your mates, but will always throw out ideas if you think of something fun to do. (2)

– Are loud and rambunctious. You love being the centre of attention and making people laugh. (3)

– Are absent. You can be found at home enjoying Netflix and Chill. (1)

When asked to describe yourself, you…

– Aren’t quite sure because your personality can change depending on what you’re up to. (2)

– Wish they wouldn’t be so nosy. (1)

– Know exactly what to say, because you always have something to say. (3)

If you were an animal, you’d be a…

– A turtle. You like to mingle with your fellow reptiles but sometimes prefer to hide in your shell. (2)

– A lion. You’re loud, proud and fearless and you’re happy to lead the pack. (3)

– A cat. You prefer your own company, are independent and can survive in this world alone. (1)

In the land of love, you…

– Are flirty and will make the first move if necessary. (3)

– Would prefer if he approached you. (1)

– Will only know how to act when *in* the moment, based on the vibes he’s giving you. (2)

If all your friends bail out of plans you’d made, you…

– Are delighted. You hadn’t really wanted to go anyway. (1)

– Are kind of miffed, but you don’t mind rescheduling for another time. (2)

– Are raging. You’d been excited for this catch-up all week. (3)

How did you score?

7-11 Points
You enjoy your own company and work best by yourself. You’re more of a night-in kind of gal and always prefer to keep your headphones on while out’n’about than bother making small talk.

12-17 Points
You go between being outspoken and shy, depending on who you’re with and what situation you’re in. You’re not afraid to take the lead, but are happy to take a backseat if needs be.

18-21 Points
You’re the definition of a ‘people person’ and are happiest when surrounded by your pals. Friends might describe you as a chatterbox, and you likely work best as part of a team.

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