Sienna Miller Shut Down A Sexist Question In An Interview Like An Absolute Boss

All hail Sienna

It’s no secret that women in the showbiz world face an obscene amount of sexism thrown their way. Sparking an entire movement, women are now beginning to speak out when they feel wrong done by.

One woman keen on standing for how she feels is actress, and all-round queen, Sienna Miller. In her latest interview with The Sunday Times Style, Sienna declined to speak about her sexual past.

When asked about her previous relationship with Notting Hill star, Rhys Ifans, Sienna point blank refused to entertain the query.

“What is the point of listing someone’s sexual history? It is totally gendered,” she said.

Continuing she said, “The responsibility falls on the media to handle women responsibly and to apply the same rules interviewing actresses as they do to actors.”

“And I can guarantee you, having read enough interviews about this, that these questions aren’t mentioned with men.”


Sienna also went on to speak about the scrutiny she was placed under in the early stages of her career. During her relationship with fellow actor Jude Law, Sienna became the focus of media attention.

“Somebody who has been as scrutinised as I was, of course, privacy is going to be something you know how to be protective about, and with a good reason,” she added.


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