Single And Looking? An Expert Says *This* Is How To Meet Someone This Summer

Looking to meet someone new? Niamh Devereux finds out how to score a summer love...

“Summertime is a fantastic time to meet someone new,” says Rena Maycock, co-founder and director of face-to-face dating agency, Intro Matchmaking ( and online dating site “Everyone’s in a brilliant mood as vitamin D – AKA the sunshine vitamin – kicks in, making us healthier and happier.

“Meeting someone and forming a real chemistry is as much to do with how we are feeling ourselves as it does the suitability of the match. Become who you want to attract! We all want to be with positive people and the summer has a way of making us feel that way exactly.”

That’s all well and good, but how exactly do we go about meeting someone – it’s not exactly easy, right? A good start is putting yourself out there, Rena insists. “The long evenings make us all more open to socialising and making ourselves available to potential love interests so avoid the temptation to head straight home after work and plonk in front of the TV.”

She continues: “Accept every invitation. Attend the opening of every envelope and don’t get bogged down in the logistics (it’s on at 6pm? Sure, where would I change? Where will I leave my car? But I go to the gym on a Tuesday) and make it work. What do you have to lose?”

Need some inspo on where to go? Look no further…

Pitch a tent

There are loads of deadly festivals around Ireland and countless cuties to meet at each one. In fact, we know of a pair who met at Electric Picnic way back in 2011 and are still going strong. You too could meet your soulmate in the rave in the woods! “Round up the girls and get booking those camping passes,” Rena suggests. “Kill two birds with one stone by seeing your favourite bands with your best pals while also being bumper to bumper with eligible guys you already have something in common with – your love of music!”

Fire up the barbie!

When it comes to a relaxed and fun atmosphere, burgers and beers with pals has to come out on top. To up your chances of getting chatting with a new guy, Rena has some simple but crafty advice. “Without doubt the most effective way of meeting someone is through friends,” she says. “Help each other out by insisting each friend brings a single friend along. Even if you don’t have chemistry with any of these new singletons, you’ll make a new friend and maybe they know someone who is perfect for you.”

Road tripping…

Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need, so why not pack your suitcase for a weekend away with the gals? “Keep the girls-on-tour on home ground so you don’t end up with a long distance relationship,” Rena advises. “You can go the direct route to the Rugby 7’s in Kinsale which bursts at the seams with men or the indirect route to the Galway Races where everyone’s cheery and having a good time. Or simply head to Bundoran or Lahinch to hang out with surfers.” Even if you don’t score, you’re sure to make some amazing memories with your besties.


Summer sports matches provide the ultimate hook-up setting, and according to the lads we know, they prefer to meet a laid-back woman in her casuals instead of one prepped for a night on the tiles. According to Rena, this makes us easier to chat up. “If you can’t get your hands on tickets to the main event then at least get yourself to a pub nearby and soak up the atmosphere,” she says. “Whether you’re on the winning or losing side, the craic will be awesome and with most sporting events, be it GAA or rugby (attended by ten men to every woman!) you’ll be knee deep in testosterone and taking numbers all day. Whatever you do, ditch the heels and body-con dresses in favour of jeans and a colour-appropriate tee, not only for comfort, but for approachability.”

If IRL fails…

Make that online dating profile you’ve been considering. If Tinder and POF hasn’t been working out for you, try Bumble – gals make the first move – or a paid site so “you’re not wasting your time with married men or Netflix and chillers,” as Rena puts it. “At least you know the guys you meet are prepared to invest a modest fee in their search for a relationship. Rather than spending months cultivating a relationship online, suggest a meeting after a few exchanges so that you can find out if you have a real spark in person,” she advises. It being summer, there are plenty of first date options to choose from, from a stroll in the park to chats in a beer garden to spending the day in the zoo. Happy dating!

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