So Being Single Actually Costs You A Helluva Lot More Than Being In A Relationship

Here's how much exactly.

Bridget Jones

You’d imagine that given all the extra money you spend on romantic breaks away and surprise gifts for your other half, that living the single life would work out a helluva lot more cost effective, than having a beau in tow, but according to new research, that’s simple not so.

In fact, #SingleLyf works out quite a bit more expensive – €6,808 a year more expensive to be precise.

That’s according to VoucherCodesPro, who surveyed more than 2,000 18 to 30 year olds, half of whom were single and half of whom were in relationships and discovered that while coupled up folks only spend an average of €46 a week in disposable income, single peeps blow roughly €150, adding up to just short of an extra seven grand in a year.

So how exactly are single gals managing to fritter away nearly €7000 more a year than their coupled up counterparts?

Well, apparently alcohol is the biggest extra expenditure. Single peeps blow roughly €53 a week on booze, while those in relationships are only spending about €20 on Saturday night sups.

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Add to that, the study found that those not in relationships are more likely to drop more spends on clothes.

A penchant for Just Eat may also be an issue as the survey found that takeaways were one of the biggest disposable income purchases for singletons.

What can we say? A gal’s gotta eat. And drink. And shop.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the spending habits of singletons and couples though, is bills. The study found that splitting rent and bills was one of the biggest reasons couples had more money left at the end of the month.

Sigh. Life is simply not fair.


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