So Everything You Know About Cranberry Juice Curing UTIs Is Absolute Bullsh*t. #Soz

Another cure bites the dust then.

Girl with a UTI

There it is again; that intense urge to pee and the horrible, burning sting that goes with it.

UTIs aren’t pleasant, there’s no doubt about it, and to cure one as speedily as possible you’ll heed the advice your mammy gave you: chug down as much cranberry juice as you can manage and you’ll flush that nasty infection right out.

Well, here’s the thing, ladypal, according to new research cranberry juice is actually fairly ineffective at dealing with UTIs. That’s right, all that downing carton after carton of Ocean Spray has been in vain.

The research involved a clinical trial of 185 older women, who were split into two groups and given either cranberry capsules or placebo pils over the course of a year.

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At the end of the year, the researchers tested for bacteriuria plus, a bacteria that suggests a urinary infection is present, and found that cranberry had no significant impact on it.

In other words, cranberry capsules were just as ineffective as placebo pills at lessening the bacteria that’s responsible for a UTI.

So what’s a gal to do with she finds herself stuck with a nasty urinary infection?

The advice is simple: forgo the cranberry method and get ye to your doctor, who will likely prescribe a course of antibiotics to clear that infection right up.


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