So Shady! These Are The Two Things Irish People Are Most Likely To Lie About On Their Online Dating Profile

Have you told either of these?

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Hands up, who’s told an occasional porky or two on their online dating profile?

Maybe you’ve over-exaggerated your love of murder docs, said that you’re into something you’re not or simply over-filtered your photos to the point that you’re no longer recognisable.

Whatever untruths you’ve told, it’s become almost normal to tell the odd white lie or two on your profile, so much so that dating app TrueView actually launched a study into it – and the results aren’t pleasant reading.

The study found that 17% of Irish daters lie about their age and 12% lie about their weight, with two out of every 5 respondents admitting that their profile contained some sort of falsehood.

What’s worse is that two out of 5 people also said they’d been on a date with someone who had pretended to be single. Charming.

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So how can you filter out the liars? Well, the study does add that Irish people spend on average only one minute and 39 seconds before connecting with a potential date, so it could just be a matter of spending a little bit of extra time vetting them out.

“People looking for love are finding themselves trudging through conversations with people who aren’t serious about dating, or worse, are lying,” says TrueView co-founder Matt Verity.

“This is a huge issue across a number of today’s dating apps. While some may claim to be about finding real relationships, none of them actually protect people from fake profiles, or make any effort to weed out those wanting to use online dating for the wrong reasons.”

The lesson? If something seems a bit off, then it probably is.


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