The New Hobby Crafters: Meet Crochet Fan Kasia Eska

Hobby crafting is on the rise in Ireland and in the November issue we meet five women with a passion for DIY. Here, we chat to crochet fan Kasia Eska.

Kasia Eska crafting

Kasia Eska is 29 and has lived in Dublin for 10 years. Originally from Poland, she’s currently a stay-at-home mum to two small boys of five months and two-years-old.

“I’ve always been into crafting, a lot with wool and felt. I haven’t studied art, but I come from artsy/crafty family: my mum is an excellent seamstress and so was her mum.

“Crocheting wasn’t my thing as I’d perceived it as a granny-type craft – how wrong I was! At the beginning of this year, being home heavily pregnant with my second boy, iand nspired by my crocheting neighbor, I gave it a go and instantly got hooked (as they say in crochet jargon). I made egg cosies for Easter using the wrong size crochet hook which made my fingers sore, but I loved the effect and it didn’t stop me.

“I make things to keep me sane – Having two boys, a very masculine  type husband and a male dog I need to surround myself with cute things! Although I do share each of my makes with broader audience, by blogging about it on The Crafty Mummy.

Kasia Eska crafting

“I take my inspirations from colours – it all starts where I’m looking at a ball of wool. Its shade and texture makes my creativity explode, almost instantly I’m thinking about ten different projects to make. I actually quite rarely buy wool with my own money, being a blogger I’m very lucky to be able to pick materials from the craft supplies store I collaborate with and also I’m regularly gifted lots by my lovely neighbour. My yarn stash is quite impressive!

“Recently I was picking new materials, and pastels caught my eye along with miniature pots, so it’ll be lots of cute girly cakes, and I’m going to grow crochet cactus and succulents in the miniature pots!

“I don’t think there’s more affordable craft than crocheting! All you need to get you started is a crochet hook and a ball of wool, and prices start at as little as €2. Obviously, if you want to make a poncho or a shawl it’ll take a couple of balls, but my absolute favourite is making amigurumis; miniature stuffed toys and decorations. They take a lot less time too!

“I’ve turned my box room into my little crafty kingdom but I mainly occupy the sofa. Balls of wool are everywhere, I crochet while breastfeeding my little guy and I have all my crocheters essentials in the car, it keeps me busy while hubby is driving.

Kasia Eska crafting

“Before I became a mum, after leaving couple different jobs, dropping out of two colleges trying to figure out what I wanted to do in life I turned my passion for crafts into a little business – nothing to do with crochet – I was making personalised owl family gifts. Once kids came on board I couldn’t keep up with orders, but I could never imagine not crafting so started The Crafty Mummy blog, hoping to inspire others. I’m blogging about my passion for crafts, my love for handmade! Blogging has opened so many doors to me, it’s an incredible journey of creativity.

Kasia Eska crafting

“I’ve recently made a doll, I named her Lola and set up a challenge on Instagram, the #crochetdolloutfitchallenge. It started with me making an outfit for Lola, she then travelled to another crocheter in England where a new fashion piece was made and designed for her – she got the cutest pineapple dress! And now she’s settled in Scotland. Crocheters from all over the world are taking part in the challenge, in a few months time Lola will return to Ireland with a wardrobe full of quirky outfits, and if I ever have daughter she’ll be the luckiest!

“There’s still so so much about crocheting I want to learn. Along with paper quilling art, polymer clay miniatures, pottery making, weaving, dyeing wool, jewellery making, cake decorating… It goes on and on!

Want to read more about Ireland’s hobby crafters? There’s a five-page feature, along with a 20% discount off crafting supplies at Hickey’s, in the November issue, out now for just €1.95.
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