The Sex Files: I Had Pool Sex With An Austrian

You tell us about the best (and worst) rides of your life.

I was backpacking around Thailand with my friend two years ago and it was one of the most wild, free, exhilarating times of my life. I don’t know if it was partly to do with being away from the social norms of home, the carefree backpacker lifestyle or just a result of always having the sun on my skin, but it was one of the times in my life that I felt at my most sexy and confident.

Around the beginning of our trip, my friend and I fell in with this wonderful group of internationals. There must have been nearly 20 of us, and between us we spanned about 10 different countries. There was something so thrilling about getting to know so many different people from so many different cultures – and let’s not even get me started on some of the guys’ accents. Delicious!

At night we’d sit by the pool after the sun had gone down, swapping stories and playing card games, or go for a stroll down the beach together, which usually ended with us all running into the ocean. One of the guys caught my eye from the start. He was called Hans, and as you might guess from the name, he was Austrian. He spoke very broken my bikini bottoms.

There was no one around and it was dark except was backpacking around Thailand with my friend two English but somehow we understood each other. As the nights wore on we’d find ourselves gravitating towards each other more and more. One way or another we’d always find ourselves next to each other but I was always too shy to tell him how I really felt about him.

It was soon time for my friend and I to move on to another island, so as a group we ended our nights the way we always did, hanging out by the pool. Slowly everyone started to head back to their room until it was just myself and Hans left.

We sat at the edge of the pool chatting – as best we could with the language barrier – and his hand edged closer to me, until his pinky finger was sitting on top of mine. I paused mid-sentence and looked down, acknowledging where his hand was and was just about to pick the conversation up where we’d left it off when he pulled me into his body and kissed me. Kissing him was everything I imagined it to be.

Before we knew it we had slipped into the water – there was something so sexy about the fact we were both dripping wet – and his fingers were inching inside for the light of the moon, but the thrill that someone could walk by and catch us at any second made it all the more exciting.

Knowing it was my last night on the island, and that after that night I would likely never see Hans again, I let myself go. I let go off all my inhibitions and just went for it. Everything that happened after that is a little blurry but you’d be surprised how inventive you can be when it comes to pool sex – both in and out of the water. I straddled him at the edge of the pool, we used the ladder as prop for him to bend me over, I sat on the steps while he gave me oral… but it wasn’t the positions that made that night with him so great. More the fact that even though we could barely hold a conversation we both knew how much we wanted each other and shared some sort of connection.

We ended that night with a kiss, a climax and one last stroll along the beach. And in the morning, I left.


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