Loved Up? These Three Things Are The Secret To A Happy Relationship Apparently

They've been expert-approved don'cha know.

Couple kissing

Let’s be clear, relationships are a tricky business and keeping the love alive isn’t always easy, but relationship expert Esther Perel reckons she may have cracked the code to keeping things sweet.

Speaking to Business Insider, Esther says there are three indicators of a genuinely relationship. They are…

1. They remain curious about one another

Are you and your other half at the peeing with the door open stage? You may want to take a step back. Esther explains that “couples that are really thriving continue to be curious about each other. They don’t claim to already know the other person. They don’t pretend they know what you’re going to say before you even open your mouth.” Turns out a little bit of mystery never hurt anyone.

2. Being genuinely happy for your other half

Does the thought of your SO being happy make you feel all warm and fuzzy? Sounds like you’re on to a winner ladypal. Happy couples “are people who are really able to treasure the happiness of the other even if it has nothing to do with them,” Esther explains.

3. Being able to maintain your own life in the relationship

This one’s a biggie. Maintaining your independence is super important according to Esther. She says it’s healthy to “often have quite a large space where each person has worlds of their own… inner worlds of thought, of pursuits, hobbies, passions or friendships.” Yes, that totally means having a night in on your ownsome with Netflix and Ben N Jerrys is a healthy move for your relationship.


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