Think Menstrual Cups Are Scary? Here’s How Mine Changed My Life

Say goodbye to uncomfortable pads and toxic tampons.

As a 23-year-old gal with quite a busy lifestyle, I do not have time for any inconveniences getting in my way and causing any disruption to my life, and for me, that is exactly what my period is – an inconvenience. So, when I got wind of a revolutionary menstrual product, changing the modern woman’s life for the better, I just had to give it a whirl.

Initially the thought of using a menstrual cup made my cervix shudder. If you are unfamiliar with the menstrual cup, it is a little silicone cup (see image above) that you fold over and insert into your v-jay-jay, much like a tampon. Once inserted, you leave it to work its magic and collect blood for up to 12 hours, before removing it, washing it and whacking it back in there again.

Yeah, so that sounds a little terrifying right? And it is. But you know what’s more terrifying? Standing in the line in Boots waiting to buy a pack of tampons, when to your horror a MAN calls for the next person in line, and all you can do is watch in terror as Mark from Boots scans in your jumbo Tampax and asks if you have an advantage card.

When you switch to using a menstrual cup, you can avoid that situation every, single, month, and you have your period sorted for the next ten years.

Goodbye spending an obscene amount of money on tampons that do nothing but leak.

The cup is not only good for your wallet, it is good for the environment and maintaining a healthy downstairs, and its convenience is, well, empowering.

The only con I can note is the time it takes to get used to it. I definitely had a couple moments of panic where I wasn’t sure if I could get it back out. But trust me, once you persevere, you figure out the best way of getting it in and out which works for you.

Since getting used to this little device, I have most certainly reaped its benefits. I can pop it in and not have to worry about changing it within a couple of hours. I no longer have to carry around 100,000 tampons in my handbag whenever I leave the house. leaks are a thing of the past, and overall it has made my period, dare I say it, easy. *shocked face emoji*

Here are a number of different cups available on the market if you think this may just be the thing for you:

The Diva Cup, €25.32

Lena cup, €21.43

Pixie Cup, €16.31

Share the news with your sister, friend, auntie or cousin and let’s get the word out there that these things exist. No more leaks or handbags filled with tampons – this is a modern girl’s best friend.


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